Nigel Lewis

B A Hons 2.1 Social and Behavioural Studies

Post Graduate Certificate in Education

MAC Association For Coaching

Diploma in Hypnotherapy/psychotherapy

Eft Practitioner

Usui Reiki Second Degree Spiritual Healer

Former Police Recruitment and Development Trainer

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Not everyone can enjoys their work life but often that is because we just accept what is, is.

There are many reasons that we have to accept work that does not excite or fulfill us.

However that does not stop us from exploring our possiblities. 

Together with Nigel you could look at your skill set, what careers or positions that is most suited and assess what opportunities are available.

Nigel has created a skill based assessment he calls WASP which is based on many years of assessing skills required to be a Police Officer. It has strong foundations in psychology that for many years proved successful in selecting the right people to become police officers.

Policing skills translate favourably to virtually any working environment.