You do not have to live in Sunny Cleethorpes to work on the changes you want to make. 

Nigel has international Clients
and is available via SKYPE,
SKYPE name C-options                        or why not let's talk on                        01472236121

20 Years Coaching Experience

                                            Nigel has over close to twenty years experience as a one on one coach, including almost a decade coaching Police Officers.

Nigel uses a unique form of matrix coaching that gets results.

Health and Fitness Expertise

Bio-cognitive therapy




(Qualified teacher 2006
Huddersfield University)

Nigel Lewis is C-options

Helping you to see that you have options!

Wellness and Elite HRV coach (Qualified via Elite HRV)
Behavioural Change Expert (Degree in Social & Behavioural studies)                                                                                                     Integrative Therapist (Qualified in several therapies)                                                                                                                          Teacher and Trainer of Personal Development (Qualified Teacher)               
Speaker (Public Speaker on life skills and personal growth)    

Who is Nigel Lewis?

Nigel is the Therapists' Therapist!

Nigel has coached other coaches and therapists and feels honoured to be the one that other professionals turn to for help!

Nigel has thousands of hours of face to face, one on one Coaching experience and is also a qualified Teacher. He consistently scores exceptionally highly in emotional intelligence assessments.

He has himself undertaken a many years of self-development work.
In a verifiable study of 200 plus coachees they achieved a provable 94% success rate in overall goal achievement over a 2 years period.

Nigel's academic achievements have all been achieved since the age of 50 and he combines passion and motivation to heal,
develop, and inspire his clients.

In 2004 he achieved a 2.1 honours degree in Human Behaviour (social and behavioural studies) studying at Hull University whilst working full time as a Police Officer. He later qualified as a teacher by achieving a Post Graduate Certificate of Education via Huddersfield University.

He is a former high level performer achieving the 4th fastest Policeman (over 1500 meters)in Britain on two consecutive years and has a wealth of knowledge of fitness and health.

During 30 years in a stressful career he only took two absences due to sickness. This he believes has been helped by his devotion to physical and mental well being.

The first occasion saw him close to death and the second temporarily blinded by a painful injury. These unfortunate experiences Nigel sees as part of a journey to learn empathy.

He has developed this knowledge to create his own unique Bio-cognitive approach to Coaching and Therapy.

Experienced in public speaking, Nigel enjoys giving talks to local groups on any of many subjects around mind/body/spirit. He offers an interesting insight to the use of bio-feedback to help manage emotions.

He has a keen interest in the use of sound to create effective brain states and is a strong believer in the use of meditation to create a state of well being.

He has ten years experience as a skills assessor and has an innovative approach to helping clients understand their strengths and development needs.

He maintains a large resources library of personal development books and audio programmes which he shares with his clients to assist their development.

Nigel specializes in emotional awareness training and has trained sixth former's at a local academy to prepare them for the transition to university. He also offers bespoke training to small businesses according to their needs.


BA Honours 2.1 degree in Human Behaviour (Hull University 2004)
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Huddersfield University 2006)

Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Certificate in Emotional Freedom Technique

2nd Degree Reiki Healer

An example of just how long Nigel has been teaching self-esteem and personal development....

Nigel received a Chief Constables Commendation in 1999 for his work in developing the CRASH program which provided self-esteem building workshops and fitness training to a group of carefully selected young people. This program saw the group
take part in
Circuit training



Self-esteem &

Health classes 

All but 2 completed the 12 weeks program

CALL 01472 236121

Nigel offers several programs, each designed to achieve specific results.

His approach is not one size fits all. Some of Nigel's programs include:

  • Learn to relax
  • Grow your confidence
  • Get that job
  • Develop yourself
  • Walk and talk
  • Live life love life (relationships)
  • Your health is your wealth
  • EROS (reflective practice and action planning)
  • Know TEARS (training in emotional awareness skills)
  • Fit for life
  • The course of your life (Self-coaching)
  • Sound Sense (Sound and the brain)
  • Meditation methods
Nigel's Coaching style is based upon positive psychology which suggests that happiness is achieved through attention to loving relationships, passion for work and enjoyment of play.
His keen interest in eastern philosophy helps him to achieve a balanced knowledge base which blends the wisdom of the ages with cutting edge neuro science.
He is an established meditator and is keen to show how modern technology can help clients to achieve amazing results.
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